Prof. Bonnie Maur

Sacred Heart University

“The Certificate of Advanced Studies in STEAM program at Sacred Heart University is meant to offer a sixth-year degree program with options to teachers who are looking for a different type of program. It offers a convenient schedule that is geared toward working professionals. However, the heart of the program comes from the cohort members and the bonds that are created as people build their STEAM identities.

Stephanie Smelser added heart to her cohort. As an art teacher, she added a wonderful dimension to the program and brought a new perspective to her colleagues. Her positive attitude and innovative lens on her assignments and projects truly took on the STEAM perspective as all students worked to build their STEAM identities. It was her leadership ability, her creative, innovative lens and her commitment to building the area of STEAM both in her school district and beyond that won Stephanie the Silver Award for the CAS in STEAM certificate for her graduating class.”

A woman painting with watercolors on top of a table.
A painting of three people on bicycles with speech bubbles.

Rocco Kryns

Landmark Seminar Leader to Steff 2020 – 2022

“I was privileged to meet and coach Stephanie Smelser. During her 3 seminars named Effectiveness, Velocity, and Creativity I was able to see her determination, drive, and passion. Stephanie also completed the Landmark Forum and Advanced Course with all seminars totaling 170 hours of commitment to: communications, creating possibilities, and opening up spaces for future creations! It has been such a privilege and an honor to work side-by-side with someone that’s up to something.”

Sheila Mayer

Former Student Client

“Working with Stephanie reconnected me to my inner artist.  I wish for every child, budding artist, and recovering artist the kind of empowering and nurturing support that Stephanie offers.  So much healing, so quickly!  During the process of introducing me to a world of possibilities, my inner critic lost its harshness, and my inner artist came out to play.  Self-acceptance in this arena has opened opportunities in other areas of my life that are growing rapidly.  Thank you, Stephanie!”

“I can’t say enough about the value of Stephanie’s "40 Days of Soft". Gentle, simple, and simultaneously easy and challenging.  Heart opening, soul connecting, and self-nurturing, it heals and empowers subtly at many levels which become more obvious as the practice evolves.”

"Stephanie makes art approachable, accessible, and surprise! doable. It has opened vitas of potential within me."

"Working with Stephanie, I discovered a plethora of new forms of art, ways of exploring them, ways of playing with them, ways of discovering the art that is me, and a wonderful new perspective on creative expression. "

Two women standing next to each other in front of a tree.
A painting of colorful circles and bubbles on paper.


Former Student Client

If mastering artistic skills of technique and composition is your goal, The BACA evening Art class may not be for you. But if tapping into your creativity, into your self-expression and your self-love appeal to you, then this class would be a perfect fit! While you may acquire some technical skills, that is not the aim of Stephanie’s classes. It is less about the product and more about the process, about carving out space and time for yourself to practice self-care through the medium of artistic creation.

Over the past few years, I have had the pleasure of attending several of these workshops. I’ve gained some artistic skills, met great people, and had a lot of fun! But more importantly, I’ve discovered a new form of meditation. Through these artistic exercises I have formed a deeper respect for the relationship I have with myself.

In the midst of perhaps the most intense and stressful period of my life, I found solace in this space. Her class was a form of therapy for me, and even when not “in session”, I can lean on the tools and inspiration from these classes. You may be forced outside your comfort zone, but that is where personal growth evolves from. I can wholeheartedly say that my personal path has been enriched by Stephanie’s classes.


Love , love , love my belly casts!! Stephanie is truly incredible at what she does, an absolute artist. Her work speaks for itself. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my belly casts. I had the pleasure to work with Stephanie with my first pregnancy back in 2020 and again this past month (January 2024) The process was so easy, she was so attentive and caring to my needs being 38 weeks pregnant with my first and 36 weeks with my second, checking to make sure I felt ok during the casting session. She took her time and was super gentle. It did not hurt at all. Stephanie made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. We just talked the whole time about kids and life. Stephanie goes above and beyond to deliver you exactly what you ask for, and she doesn’t settle unless you are 100% happy with the outcome.

My son is now three years old and loves to point to “ his belly” hanging on the wall and say “that’s me mama, my belly” I love that he knows that was him.

When I found out summer of 2023 I would be expecting my second baby I knew I wanted Stephanie to cast my belly again.

I love having both my babies belly cast on display in their rooms - it will forever be a timeless memory but also a gorgeous piece of art to keep forever.

Can’t thank Stephanie enough for creating and capturing my beautiful baby bumps.

Stephanie is so bubbly, kind, fun, professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend Stephanie to others. The whole experience was brilliant - a lot of fun!

Thank you Stephanie . - Steph